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M/M novels
I know a lot of people don't know where to find good M/M novels. Most of them give up looking after buying two or three and finding out they are not worth the money they paid for them.
So... I thought I could share the names of my favorite stories and the links to where you can get them.
I will divide them in five categories: Mystery, Futuristic, Cowboys, Fantasy, Historical and Shape-shifters.


My favorite M/M author EVER is found under this section:
Josh Lanyon.(
My favorite M/M romance is the "Adrien English series" whose fifth and final Volume will come out this December. I'm really looking forward to it. All his stories are awesome but this one is definitely the BEST.

I've heard of some people who put his stories up for free download but that is really the lowest. If you see them somewhere for free downloading PLEASE don't download them!
If you like what someone does the least you can do is support him by buying his works. Don't you think so? By putting his works to free download not only are those people keeping him from earning what he is due (and believe me authors of this genre don't earn a lot because it's not yet Mainstream literature) but you are also committing a crime.  It's like robbing a book in a Library. The worst is that in the case of this author some of his stories are for charity and people still want to download them for free! That is almost like grabbing the money of a beggar or like someone said it's as if you would "reach your hand in the basket at church when you're feeling a little short of cash".  It's not like with scanlation where the links are generally put down when the Manga gets licensed and where the people who put them on the net also did some work. The had to scanlate, edit and translate the Manga before they put it on the net. Whereas here these people simply take the file and put it on the net! They cannot even say they did something!
And really e-books are not that expensive. They cost three times less than paperbacks. And you don't even have to pay delivery.^^'
Anyway, now that that is out of the way: I really recommend you buy his books. They are worth every cent!! ^o^


-Details of the Hunt by Laura Baumbach(
If you like stories that take place in the future with sexy aliens that hook up with sexy pirates that came from the past this one is for you. The sex scenes are HOT and the story is really nice. The plot is not simply there to put both protagonist together, it has a bit more background than that. Actually most of her stories are worth reading if you want to read something sexy but simple. This one is the one I like best because it has a bit more plot than meet-like-sex-sex-sex.

-My fair Captain by J.L. Langley (
Sexy, cute, the sex scenes are a bit to SMBD to my tastes but nothing too shocking. Very nice to read and I definitely recommend it.


A definite YES on my part is Bareback by Chris Owen
Unfortunately it cannot be found as an e-book. It's one of my favorite M/M romances. The beginning of the story is a lot o sex sex and more sex but then the plot thickens. I really liked it! There is also a Sequel to this story but since the interesting part is seeing how the characters' relationship evolves it doesn't hold the same appeal to me that this one does.

Dealing Straight by Emily Veinglory(
is a nice little read about two men in the wild wild west but there is not a lot I can say about it. The best would be that you simply read an excerpt and decide if you like it or not.


I will put my Fantasy recommendations in a top three kind of fashion with my favorite on the top.

The Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling
I hesitated between this and the Last Herald Mage series for the "favorite" position. But after a lot of consideration I like this one better.
I have only put the link to where to buy the first of the series, it's then up to you to find the others. It's really simple, you click on the Authors name in Amazon and there you have it.
It's really an amazing read. Even people who don't like M/M are still fan of this series because the plot is so awesome. If you like Fantasy this one is a MUST. Her other books are also amazing.

The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lackey
Don't let yourself be put of by the cover of the book. This one is a MUST READ for every fantasy fan. The M/M is a bit too understated but it's still really good.

Dark Heart by Thom Lane(
Unfortunately there are only two books by this author so far. I really like his works. This one "Dark Heart" is about a slave in another world who falls in love with a Master Mage that at first doesn't care about him at all. In the end he still wins his heart. Kind off. I like the atmosphere of this World Thom Lane invented and I also really like the characters. It's a bit SMBD but a very nice read.
There is also a Sequel! Healing Heart.
It's not about the same characters as the first book, but these also appear and have a major role in this tome. It's much sweeter, so to speak, than "Dark Heart". In my opinion the hero is a bit of a pushover, but it created a nice balance with his slaves' behavior.
I really liked it, although I would have preferred a little bit more of Angst...
(What can I say? I like to see the heroes suffer. ;P)
Like the first book, highly recommended!!


Discreet Young Gentleman by M.J. Pearson
It's my favorite Historical romance. For a long time it was also my favorite M/M novel.
Both books by this author are really awesome but I still like this one better.
Don't let yourself be put of by the horrible covers. I still don't understand why she kept that artist for her covers after the first book... but well. What's important is what's in the inside, right?^^'

Vamps & Shape-shifters

Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones (
I generally don't like the M/M/M but this one is the exception to the rule. When you think "Shape-shifters" you normally think of Werewolves right? Well... this time it's more like Were-dolphins... or something.
I really liked this story. Even if it's not what I would normally read the author managed to make this into a sexy, cute, romantic story you wish would go on when you arrive at the end. I am still hoping for a sequel... even though I know it's not coming...^^'

Unnatural Worth by Mya (
Sexy Vampires hooking up with hot Werewolves anyone? ^w^ What more can I say?
It's cute and hot at the same time.
A read I really enjoyed.

Harry Potter
Okay, first of all the links to the fandom that hooked me to Yaoi: Harry Potter
I wont put up all the stories I like or there would be no end to it. So I will simply put my top 3 for every pairing.
It will be up to you to read the other stories of these authors if you like their work or to look up the site where they are.


First let me introduce you to my favorite HPDM fanfiction so far.
It's been almost four Years since the story was completed and it's still my favorite. The Sequel is not as good but this one is .... intense.
Don't let the length keep you from reading it, it's worth every second.

-Eclipse by Mijan. (

In second place

-Secrets by Vorabiza (

This story is if you ask me how book 7 should be (in fact most of the time I simply pretend book 7 doesn't exist). All the stories Vorabiza has written are worth reading but this one is in my opinion the best so far.

And last but not least:

-Vertigo by Jennavere (

This would actually  be my second favorite if not for the fact that the author never finished it. We have all been waiting for... two Years?(seems longer than that) for her to put up the last two chapters but... well.^^'
The reason why I still put it up here?
Well it is a very good story. And even unfinished it's worth reading. Actually all her stories are. Another one I highly recommend would be Dragon Tamer whose finished version you can find here:
You have probably already heard of it since it has become kind of famous in the HPDM fandom and it's been translated to several languages. But I still like Vertigo more.


It's a wonderful live Severus Snape
by McKay and Arionhod
This one is till now my favorite SevxRem fanfic so far. Actually almost all the stories I like with this pairing are by the same authors so I highly recommend you to go give a look on their Website. The reason this one is my favorite?
Well, there are many reasons.
First of all I really like how the author managed to portrait a Severus that I find convincing. Many times the authors end up making a Severus that is too nice or too... angsty but more in a "I'm an Emo leave me alone" kind of way. So it's really nice to read one where Severus is more how I imagine him. I can't really say a lot more or I would spoil the story.^^'

Feels like a dream by Luthien82 (
A sweet little story about what could have happened if instead of sending Harry to the Dursleys Dumbledore had given him to the last(free) of the Marauders: Remus.
It's really cute and fluffy so if you prefer the scorching hot kind of stories this is not for you.^^'
I really like how the relationship between Severus and Remus evolved in this one. I kinda would have liked for the story to go on a little longer but it's still really nice this way too.

And last but not least:

Better to Copulate than Never
by McKay and Arionhod
This one is sweet, hot and funny. Definitely a very good read. But unfortunately like with IawlSS I can't really tell much more than that without spoiling the whole story.^^'

For the ScorpiusxASP (Albus Severus Potter -poor kid-) fandom I have only found one story I really like it's

The Slytherin Hufflepuff by Cheryl Dyson (
It has a side story with HarryxDraco that is also worth reading unless you don't like Ginnybashing. Well the bashing was kept to a minimum but it's still there...(I personally don't like Ginny very much... which must be why I like this kind of stories^^')
I hope that with time there will be more good SMxASP stories out there. :3

And for SeverusxSirius there are not many stories I would recommend here. Well I have at least one...
Shade more than man by Acamar (

The sites where to find good HP fanfiction other than


(no subject)
Okay. It's been soooo long! I had almost abandoned this. But then I thought: hey, why not simply put up a kind of collection of links to where one can find fanfictions, doujinshi, etc... on their favorite couples?
I know sometimes it's reeeeeally hard to find fandom on some couples so.... I thought I could give the fans a hand.... kinda.
Well, I'll try to update as regularly as possible. No promises though.^^'

Japan Expo: D-03
The Japan Expo in Paris is coming nearer every day. In three days I'm leaving Toulouse to go up to the French capital to participate in that grand event. With a couple of friends (all HPDM fans ;p) we are going to present for the first time our HPDM fanzine: "Nemesissement Votre"( For more details look in my links). This will be the cover.
In our fanzine you can find illustrated fanfics, comics and an art Gallery. All of course on our very favorite subject: HPDM-slash!!! XD  cover

Welcome to my craziness
Welcome to my den of craziness and fluffy yaoi stories.
I don't know when I am going to update my fanfics, cause I am quite busy for the moment. What with the Japan expo right ahead and a two month (or if I'm lucky more) long trip to China.
Well. See you soon.


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